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Who is nargisbai?

nargisbai is the name of the website and not associated with any specific person.

nargisbai has been created by a team of brand consultants in the UK working closely with software developers in the US. The Founder (whose name is not nargisbai) is an Ismaili, professional, with origins in East Africa and who lives in the UK. To find out more About nargisbai

Who is nargisbai for and why is it needed?

nargisbai is for anyone who is over 18, single and looking for an Ismaili partner.

Sometimes, finding a relationship is the challenge. At nargisbai we have done some research and based on the total global Ismaili population, age and gender, the number of single Ismailis is surprisingly very small. We have worked out that if you are single and aged between 18-40, the number of single Ismailis in the same age category and of the opposite gender is statistically just 1% of the entire, global, Ismaili population. For those aged 41-60 it increases to 2% and for those over 60 it is 3%.

If you do decide that meeting an Ismaili is important to you, then your first challenge is to actually find some single Ismailis to meet up with! Given these numbers, it may take a lifetime to find the right relationship and many people just give up and rationalise with themselves that they are too old, too busy, too happy, not ready etc! Relationships are our most intimate connections and romantic love can give new meaning to your life. Don’t give up – please allow nargisbai to help you. Subscribe

Is everyone on nargisbai Ismaili?

There may be some people within the membership, (as there are in real life) who are genuinely interested in meeting an Ismaili partner but are not themselves Ismailis. This will be information provided on each member’s profile page.

Does nargisbai allow for same gender searches?

On your profile you are asked your gender and the gender of your match – that can be the same or different to your own. This information is visible to other members who can then contact you if your information matches what they are looking for. We ask that all members respect each others’ choices and only contact those that clearly match their own preferences.

What is the ratio of male / female clients on nargisbai?

We measure this ratio quarterly. If the ratio reaches 47% either way, we suspend new membership for that gender or do a promotion for the other gender until the ratio is increased. For many reasons, (either because members have met a new partner, are taking holidays or travelling for work) this ratio is always moving.

What are the different levels of membership and how much does it cost?

The membership structure of nargisbai has been carefully designed to encourage maximum participation and ensure that members are respectful of each others’ time and intentions. Everyone on nargisbai will be actively looking and the membership is constantly growing and changing. We are expecting that our members are motivated and will find their match within a relatively short time. There are two types of membership:

Registered member You can register your profile for free. Each profile is approved by the nargisbai team - this may take up to 24 hours. As a registered member you can:

  • put yourself on the nargisbai "What a small world" map which shows all members locally, nationally and globally
  • show your own profile and photo and appear on other users' searches
  • search other users and view their profiles and photos
  • view events
  • access other useful content on the site.

  • Registered membership is for one month only and non-renewable. It allows you to “stand and watch” before you decide to join in / leave. Register

    Subscribed member The monthly membership is £25 per month and when you subscribe you will receive a free 7 day trial period. Each profile is approved by the nargisbai team - this may take up to 24 hours. As a subscribed member, you can:

  • use all the same services as the registered members' benefits above and in addition,
  • personlised map showing everyone in your search,
  • send and receive messages in your own private chat mailbox,
  • start and answer video call messages with other users online at the same time as you,
  • send and receive virtual gifts and invitations for coffee - the faludo looks good too!
  • view events, invite other members to your own events and accept invitations to events
  • access other useful content on the site.

  • Subscribed membership is renewable on a recurring monthly basis and this can continue for as long as you need, although we hope, in the nicest possible way, that you will find love soon and won’t need to be a member for too long. Subscribe

  • As part of our launch celebrations, the first 100 members to subscribe will receive 2 months of free membership. Subscribe
  • How long does it take for my profile to be approved and my account to be activated?

    To keep the standard of the site as high as possilbe, we approve every profile, photo, avatar and event personally. This may take up to 24 hours after registering so please be patient with us. Beyond 24 hours please Contact us.

    I want to stop my subscription / Go on hold for a little while / delete my account. What should I do?

    We hope you are leaving for good reasons! If it's the case, please encourage others and leave a testimonial? Contact nargisbai

    You can cancel your subscription at the earliest 24 hours after purchase and up to 48 hours before its renewal date. You have different ways to do it – you can edit your profile or Contact nargisbai. Your request will be processed within 24 hours. Note that after the 7 day trial period, there are no refunds for any remaining part of your subscription period.

    Is there an App that I can download?

    We are developing an App that will soon be available on Google and Apple Playstore. In the meantime you can access the website through your laptop or mobile at

    How does the map work?

    At nargisbai, we took the view that in order to find the treasure, it would be useful to have a treasure map. So we created a map showing our most recent members – the screen name, avatar, age and location are shown. In one quick visual you can see exactly where you are and where your potential partner may be.

    Once you do a search, you will be able to view a personalised map, showing all those members who may be a suitable match for you specifically.

    We suggest that you keep your location general to the town / country you are based in and for safety do not put in your exact location. You are able to change your location at any time because we understand that everyone travels and Ismailis are an international community.

    We think our map is going to be a real game changer in the way Ismailis are able to look for their partner be it locally, nationally or even internationally – the world is your oyster and we have just made it easier for all single Ismailis to find love – wherever they are in their life, wherever they are in the world. Put yourself on the map Subscribe

    How do photos work on nargisbai?

    We do understand that not everyone will be comfortable with showing their photos, given that Ismailis are a close knit community. However, photos are a great way to let people see your smile. And managing your photos carefully can help you get more attention! You are able to manage who sees your photos. We encourage you to be open about looking for a relationship as that significantly increases the chances of you meeting someone. You should give yourself the best possible chance to find love. If you are still not convinced then try it out for a few weeks and see the difference in the response rate and also in your comfort levels.

    We recommend 4 photos – a headshot, a full body shot, an activity shot and one that can start a conversation. Do not use any photos with other people in them.

    When you register, you are asked for an avatar – this will represent you on the map of users and can be a proper photo of you or a picture of something. If you do not choose your own avatar, the nargisbai avatar will be used for you.

    How can I keep myself safe on the site?

    nargisbai puts the safety of its users at the centre of its concerns.

    The overwhelming majority of singles on nargisbai are people looking to have fun as they look for someone special. But like any online or real-life environment, it pays to stay safe.

    Our Safety tips section has lots of information and tips, but here are a few golden rules:

    Don't give out information that could identify you easily in real life on your profile, and don't share such information too quickly while interacting with other Members.

    Stay on the platform while you get to know other singles. Users with bad intentions often try to move the conversation to text, apps, email or phone.

    Don't agree to meet in person until you're ready, and make sure your first date is somewhere public. If you meet someone you're interested in, take things at your own pace. Never be pressured into doing something or revealing something that makes you uncomfortable.

    Always remember that someone you meet online might not be who they say they are. Never share any Personal Identifiable Information (PII), or card numbers on the platform or anywhere else.

    Our Moderation team is ready to intervene upon report, if anything a single says or does makes you uncomfortable, and has the power to permanently remove anyone from nargisbai if necessary. They act completely confidentially, so anything you report is just between you and them.

    But remember – bad experiences are few and far between on nargisbai – We are here to back you up and hope you have a lot of fun as you search for that special someone!

    Thank you for visiting our FAQs section. If you have any further questions that were not answered here, please do Contact nargisbai

    All the best from the team at nargisbai

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